Here are my collection of recommendation for you. From marketing to coding, and everything in between. These are the sites personally bookmarked and read by me regularly.


Moz: A one stop shop. From interesting topics regarding marketing, to practical advice that are useful. It is a great site for beginners.

Copyblogger: Focus on blog, and is specific to content marketing.

Hubspot: A more broader site that haves topics from marketing to sales. It is a must read.


Codepen: For those who are interested in front end development, this is a great playground to test out codes and see what others have put. It is a great practical way to apply coding and learn.

w3Schools: A site that has been around, it’s primary focus is for beginners. It gives excellent tutorials and gives you a good understanding for the basics of CSS and HTML.

Code Academy: Learn how to code for free here. Great lessons and helpful for beginners to even novices.


Behance: If you are looking to be inspired, look no further. Art professionals of every type gather here to post their work.

Just for fun!

Khan Academy: A place that has lessons on almost every academic subject.

Ted Talks: Looking to feel motivated? Learn life lessons? Listen to interesting lectures? Then Ted Talks is the place to be. I promise you will spend countless hours here.

And for everything else, there is of course Google and You Tube. Go out and learn!