Lucy’s List

Over the years I’ve found resources that have delighted me, enlighten me, and I’ve relied on. I wanted to share these resources, from programs to sites, and more! I’ve curated them all on my website, with my thoughts and recommendations. I hope you will enjoy and find them as useful I did!


The all-in-one cloud-based design application. I use it every day, and I love it! It is the industry standard.

Subscription Based


Grammarly is a cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant that reviews your writing.



Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping. I use it to develop wife frames.


Mail Chimp

It’s a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. And what they provide for free is great! Dip your toes into email marketing with them.



I’ve used many paid Email Platforms for my job, and by far, HubSpot is my favourite. They are constantly improving. I look forward to what they do!

Subscription Based

LinkedIn Learning

Besides YouTube, I use LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda). It is free with LinkedIn membership or go to your local library (wink).

Free (certain conditions) + Subscription Based


They have so many icons that it blows me away. They support designers, and for what can you get for free? It’s crazy.



I have been on Reddit for years. It is truly what you make on it. There are communities for anything! Especially for the Art and Marketing Communities.



This one is more professional. It serves as both a portfolio and a community site. I love to go there for inspiration.



I used this tablet for my digital painting. Of course, there is are amazing alternates (iPad, Huion, etc.), but they have a special place in my heart as my first.


Survey Monkey

If the only thing you need is surveys, use survey monkey. They also integrate with different email platforms.

Subscription Based

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a 3D software suite. There are other amazing alternates. I love it because of how beginner-friendly it is.



If you want to start learning about 3D modelling and animation. Start with Blender. It blows me away that it is free! They also offer all versions of their software.


Marvelous Designer

It does one thing very well. It’s a realistic cloth-making program for 3D artists. It’s interface is something else.



Best known for 3D sculpture and textures. Just take a look at Youtube for what can be done in Zbrush. It’s an amazing application.