What is Content Marketing?

Overview Let’s break it down. Content is the assets customers will interact with. It can be blogs, videos, infographics, whitepapers, e-books, flyers, and more. The possibilities are endless. Content marketing is the planning, creating,…

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Is Your A/B Test Significant?

You’ve done your A/B test and have the final question. Is it significant? If your application does not have A/B testing built-in, there are plenty of third-party applications you can use. You…


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5 Webinar Ideas

Webinars have seen an explosion over the past decade. Webinars have benefited…


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Why Do Grammar Errors Show Up When I Paste From Indesign?

When you download a template, please type in a text and then paste it into Word. You might run into this problem, where it shows up as a grammar error. The reason is simple. It is being “formatted” in a different language in Indesign. Here’s how to fix it. Step…

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