I live life through creativity.

Lucy Nguyen
A little about me...

I love being creative and learning how to improve myself. I am lucky I am in marketing at Bailey Metal Products where I am able to combine both creativity and business. Here, on my site I showcase my artistic side through various mediums. I am on a journey of artistic discovery. I hope I can inspire, motivate, and help others in their own artistic journey through tutorials, unique pieces, and articles. I thank you for passing by on this space on mines on the web. I hope that your creativity spirit never dies.

What I've Done

A little bit of this and little bit of that. I’m always looking for new experiences. As Louise Eldritch said “Let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself that you tasted as many as you could.”

Experience Highlight

I’ve worked with Summit Glass a startup to create consistent marketing content. I increased their online page views and conversions.  


I believe in giving back. I’ve worked with charities in my spare time, such as JusticeNet and WWF.  I try to maintain the attitude to be kind to everyone you meet.


From marketing websites to coding, these are websites that I heavily rely on to enrich my learning  and development.

My Recommendations

My Work

Business: Ontario Government

Business: Ontario Government

I created a poster to show the values of the Supply Chain and Facilities Branch in the Ontario Government. I...

Video: HIV Awareness

For my university class, I made a PSA to bring awareness to discrimination of HIV. I shot and edited the...

Video: HRSA & OBCC

I worked with HRSA to create a promotional video to showcase to potential partners. I used Adobe After Effects CC...

Youtube: Kpopbyte

I’ve created Kpopbyte on Youtube, as a side project. The purpose of the channel was to inform k-pop music fans...

Business: Summit Glass

I designed a Catalogue for Summit Glass to showcase their wonderful glass inserts. The main point of the Catalogue was to be...

Disney Princesses/Heroines Business Cards Part 1

Just for fun, I thought it would be humorous if I made fake business cards for the Disney princess. I...

Infographics: Fashion

I used to run pixelxo.com a fashion website, but suddenly it crash and I lost all my information. I still...