Red String of Fate

I recently rebranded from pixellucyart to thecharmingcreative, as a way to emphasize what I want my art to do. Charm you! I recently also move towards digital art, rather than traditional art. Although I appreciate the medium and enjoy using it very much. Digital is a conscious choice of mine to become more environmentally conscious. It uses less paper, I have fewer physical items, and wastes less. This doesn’t mean I reject it or advocate for one or another. This was a personal choice, and it has been quite the experience. There are similarities and differences. I’m continually learning! Follow me on Instagram.

This piece is one of my favourites. In old Asian folklore, there is a red string of fate that connects us to our fated one. The string can never be broken, and will always leads you to them, no matter what. It’s terribly romantic and I still love the legend to this day. I’m a hopeless romantic, which comes out a lot in my recent works.