Website: Summit Doors

Project: I was tasked with refreshing the Summit Doors website.

Program Used:
Webflow, Figma, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator


  • Spacing: There was a lack of white spacing; I added breathing room in the newest version. There is also a clear delineation in new sections with lines and using background colour.
  • Headings: I ensured the style of headings was consistent.
  • Visual Impact: I revised the heading to be concise, fill the space, and have a better call to action. The previous one where the same link.
  • New menu: The menu now reduces the number of clicks to get to the product page and has additional functionality with the search bar and social media links.
  • New sections: With more focus now on the projects, I added the trending designs and client works section. I moved the about us to its one page, and the four sections are now menu items, as mentioned before.


Product Page

This is where the majority of the work was done.

  • Above the fold: Instead of having the images rendered on a single page. I used pagination to keep it above the fold and, in addition, render it as the user goes to the next page. Thus, reducing load time.
  • Filtering: The old webpage has the entire categories and subcategories on the product page. The filtering system was at the bottom and could only be reached when a user scrolled to the bottom. This was not a friendly user experience. I reduced the number of categories and subcategories to those necessary and had the filtering system the first item you see. I used drop-down items to keep the design clean.
  • Additional information: The old design didn’t have the info if the product was out of stock, low in stock, or a popular item. I added these to the new page.
  • Optimizing Images: I converted all the images to the new format webp for faster loading and fixed the issue of images not showing up if it’s not the main image.

Individual Product Page

  • Information Consolidated: Product information was dynamically linked in a CMS, allowing me to ensure all relevant information appeared on the individual product page. The information was now on the right side instead of having it in multiple places.
  • Recommendations: I added the feature of recommended items to drive sales and improve the user experience.

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Red String of Fate

I recently rebranded from pixellucyart to thecharmingcreative, as a way to emphasize what I want my art to do. Charm you! I recently also move towards digital art, rather than traditional art. Although I appreciate the medium and enjoy using it very much. Digital is a conscious choice of mine to become more environmentally conscious. It uses less paper, I have fewer physical items, and wastes less. This doesn’t mean I reject it or advocate for one or another. This was a personal choice, and it has been quite the experience. There are similarities and differences. I’m continually learning! Follow me on Instagram.

This piece is one of my favourites. In old Asian folklore, there is a red string of fate that connects us to our fated one. The string can never be broken, and will always leads you to them, no matter what. It’s terribly romantic and I still love the legend to this day. I’m a hopeless romantic, which comes out a lot in my recent works.

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