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3D: Mine Shaft

This was the first time I attempted to create a full scene. It was quite fun with many different effects...

3D: Horseshoe

Using both Adobe Illustrator for the outline and Cinema4d. this was jsut a fun little project to do.

3D: Bent Tab

I created this using Cinema4d for Bailey Metal Products. Bent Tab Stud is a new innovative steel stud.

3D: Onion

Made with Cinema4d, I absolutely love the program. It’s a great program to use to start creating 3D assets. I...

Happy 2020

A little party never killed nobody~

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays! Enjoy some time with your family and friends.

Dream a little dream

I hide my face so you can’t see

I tend to cover my eyes because I’m terribly shy.

Fade Away

When I’m with you everything else fades away


I may be a wallflower but I still want you to notice me