Adobe Indesign CC: How to Make a Bullet List

Step 1: Create a Text Box and Write your list

Step 2: Highlight Text

Step 3: Go to upper right corner and click this icon  then click “Bullets and Numbering”

Step 4: Choose Parameters

You will see this box. From the drop menu for “List Type” choose bullets. Also, click preview in the bottom left corner to see how the list will look like. In the bottom portion of “Bullet or Number Position” are your usual attributes for the list (Will go into detail more later).

Click “OK” and your list is done. As seen below.

Side Note:

Sometimes you will get the issue of the next line not aligning with the left indent. As shown below.

To fix this go back into your bullets and numbering panels to align your bullets list.

In the left indent (First line) put 0.125, the next first line indent (Line after the bullet line) put -0.125 (Yes, you can put negative numbers). Tab Position (Shifting the whole list right), should be 0. The list will then align with the first line.



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