Shakepay Paddle Badges

Shakepay an app that allows Canadians to buy and share Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) easily. They currently have a waitlist for their VISA credit card. There are no details on it right now, but what’s happening is Shakepay has made it a sort of waitlist game. People jockey with others to get higher on the waitlist by doing their daily shake to earn bitcoin (7 pts) and swapping $5 with each other (69 pts).

Shakepay has rewarded users with badges beside their names to reach certain conditions. There are purely cosmetic and have no value or benefit in Shakepay. Here are the badges released so far and what the condition was to get them. Correct me if I am wrong and let me know if I’m missing any!

ImagePaddle NameCondition
ShakepongShakepay ($5) to @shakepong. It’s a bot that sends $5 back from Shakepay!
RegularShakepay 5 unique friends.
SilverShakepay 15 unique friends.
BronzeShakepay 25 unique friends.
GoldShakepay 50 unique friends.
PlatinumShakepay 100 unique friends.
DiamondShakepay 500 unique friends.
PlaidOnly the bot shakepay has this paddle.
TreeDonating $5 Earth Day, April 2021 for charity.
HatDonating $5 for Raising the Roof fundraiser (homelessness)

If you want to get these paddles and it seems a bit out of reach. Join the Shakepay Discord! Remember to swap responsibly as Shakepay is not responsible for any money you send out.

Last Updated May 2021.