How To Up Your LinkedIn Game? 2022

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find jobs. Recruiters often go on to search and find candidates. Here are some ways to make your profile stand out.

Your Job Title

This one is obvious. Recruiters will be looking for specific job titles. Your title may be close but not close enough. Try to negotiate by adding a word to improve your findability—words such as Senior and Digital. The list goes on, but the more you can add to it to make it specific will help. If you have no idea what title you should have, you can look through the LinkedIn Jobs section, find similar people, or even ask people around you. Another resource is Payscale Career Path Planner, which helps you know the next step and job title. Then you know what to ask for in your next job.

Featured Works

If you have a portfolio, won awards, or as part of a high-profile project. Post about it and then feature that post. It gives the recruiter a quick way to see your best hits. Don’t worry if you don’t! Here are some ideas for marketing and graphic portfolio if you have nothing.

Name pronunciation

LinkedIn has a feature where you can do an audio recording on the pronunciation of your name. It helps recruiters pronounce it correctly. It also gives you personality and helps put a voice in the photo. Bonus, you can also add your pronouns if you feel like it.

Join Groups/Interest

LinkedIn will put “You are both in the same group” or similar—giving something different to our account when recruiters look through search results.

Change your Banner

Add some personality to your account. You can quickly get custom banners at and search for LinkedIn Banner. I would advise getting one with more imagery on the right side as your profile circle is on the right. Please stay away from people in your banner. Let it focus on words, imagery, awards, or the like to help you stand out.

Happy creating! Good Luck with your career growth and development.

How to Use the Star Shape Tool in Adobe Illustrator

1. Click on the star tool on the side menu. You can click on the small triangle to open up more options.

2. Then click and drag on the artboard. The default shape is a star.

3. To add more points, while you are clicking and to drag the default star, press the up arrow ↑. If you click the down arrow ↓, fewer points will appear.

4. To change the distance of the inner points to the endpoints. When you are clicking and dragging, press CTRL simultaneously, move your mouse towards for a small distance or away for a pointer star.

You can use the star tool to create many different shapes cleanly.

Note: If you have other Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Indesign, you can copy and paste these shapes into there.

Hope that helps! Happy creating.

Tips for University Students in Graphic Design or Marketing

Setting yourself up for success in school is difficult. No one talks about it in high school or university. However, the internet is an excellent resource to help steer you in the correct direction. Here are my four top tips to help you do just that.

Get an Internship, Co-op, or Work Study

When choosing a university, many make an obvious consideration is to look at who offers the best program for their desired major, such as the best teachers, equipment, facilities, etc. However, many fail to consider choosing a university if they have an internship, co-op, or work-study for their major. I think this is a significant consideration. Getting experience early is critical in building up your resume and your expertise.

Bonus, you will make some extra money and get a reference. A tip for this also is to look at the internship/co-op/work-study requirements. I had to be a third-year student at my school, have a certain grade average, and take specific courses. It varies, of course, but you need to keep that in mind to qualify.

Some may argue you can get one outside of school. You can, of course! However, there are extra benefits. The schools have agreements with these companies that often, they have to fill those positions with students from a specific school. Your odds of getting that position increases significantly. They also sometimes offer help in interviewing writing resumes and cover letters. Either way, you need to build up experience.

Start a Portfolio

This may be common sense, but it bears repeating. I would advocate having a physical and online portfolio if possible. There are many free websites you can take advantage of. Such as Google websites, Wix, and more. Here is where you can brand yourself, set yourself apart from others, look professional, and a side benefit-you get experience in building websites.

You may find yourself lacking projects. My answer, make fake ones. There are a lot of great ideas online for fake portfolio ideas. However, make sure it relates to your industry. Building a body of work will take time, but it is well worth it.

Start a social media

This is an easy and cost-effective method to get your name out there. Again, it’s building your brand a secondary way to show your portfolio and participate in the community.

Another benefit is that you will become familiar with social media management. This is a skill many companies are looking for in regards to marketing.

Join a reputable registered group/certification

There are many organizations out there that offer certification. Bonus, they often a reduced price for students. Many companies specify a destination or certification for their candidates. Go on Linkedin, indeed or another job board and search for what kind they are looking for.

One I recommend for graphic designers, specifically in Canada, is RGD –

It will be a boon for your professional if you can get it. It will increase your prestige, validate your experience and skills, and you again can connect with like-minded individuals.

Volunteer (Optional)

This one is optional because I understand not everyone can pursue it due to financial situations. This is a way for you to build experience, build a portfolio, and a network. I would recommend trying to find a contract or project-based position. Short term is better, allowing you to make a clean break.

These are my top tips. If there are any I’m missing, let me know below. I wish you all the luck in your future development.

MSP Business School – Enabling Sales Success by Driving Action (Guest Feature)

I had a great time at MSP Business School. In episode 68, Paul Schroeder and I share excellent suggestions on incentivizing your sales team to increase revenue and how ChannelAssist Inc helps companies create these programs.

Listen at the Website or Listen Below!

Follow MSP Business School Podcast at:

A podcast geared to Technology Service Providers where we bring you strategies and tactics to grow your business and build a winning culture. I love their podcast and the dynamic between the hosts is great!

Follow the Hosts at their LinkedIn:

Additional Resources at:

Shakepay Paddle Badges

Shakepay an app that allows Canadians to buy and share Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) easily. They currently have a waitlist for their VISA credit card. There are no details on it right now, but what’s happening is Shakepay has made it a sort of waitlist game. People jockey with others to get higher on the waitlist by doing their daily shake to earn bitcoin (7 pts) and swapping $5 with each other (69 pts).

Shakepay has rewarded users with badges beside their names to reach certain conditions. There are purely cosmetic and have no value or benefit in Shakepay. Here are the badges released so far and what the condition was to get them. Correct me if I am wrong and let me know if I’m missing any!

ImagePaddle NameCondition
ShakepongShakepay ($5) to @shakepong. It’s a bot that sends $5 back from Shakepay!
RegularShakepay 5 unique friends.
SilverShakepay 15 unique friends.
BronzeShakepay 25 unique friends.
GoldShakepay 50 unique friends.
PlatinumShakepay 100 unique friends.
DiamondShakepay 500 unique friends.
PlaidOnly the bot shakepay has this paddle.
TreeDonating $5 Earth Day, April 2021 for charity.
HatDonating $5 for Raising the Roof fundraiser (homelessness)

If you want to get these paddles and it seems a bit out of reach. Join the Shakepay Discord! Remember to swap responsibly as Shakepay is not responsible for any money you send out.

Last Updated May 2021.

5 ways for Canadians to earn a little side money

It ain’t side hustle money, but it’s always nice to get some pocket money. Canadians often get the short end of the stick when it comes to a lot of things, but here are some Canadian exclusive ways to get some extra cash.


Shakepay is a Canada-based platform for buying, selling, and storing Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) via a smartphone or desktop computer. You can earn a bit of free Bitcoin by shaking your phone every day (by a bit I mean a small fraction). It may be a small amount, but hey, it’s free and easy to get. You can also earn a $10 referral when you get a friend to sign up and purchase $100 of Bitcoin or ETH, and they also will get $10.

Download via the app store and get into crypto trading easily.

You can also sign up using my referral link and we’ll get both $30. Sweet right?

Google Surveys

Known as Google Opinion Rewards, you get paid for completing quick surveys, and I mean quick. I’ve completed a lot of surveys over the year and Google by far is the easiest. It’s not a lot but you can use them for games, or build it up and use Google Pay. I earned $20 over the year, and used it on games!

Credit Card Churning

It is the process of closing one credit card account and opening another for the rewards. It’s recommended to switch after a couple of years and not to change often as it can impact your credit card. I’ve done it only once, and don’t regret it. Companies often only give bonuses for new credit card sign up with certain conditions, but it is doable and you can get the bonuses either instantly or in a few months. Cash back cards are always a good bet for credit cards to get make a few extra bucks.

There is even a subreddit where you can go to get advice and learn more.

Ask Canadians Survey

If collect points for any of the below, you should be on Ask Canadians Survey.

  • Aeroplan
  • Hudson Bay’
  • Petro Points
  • Via Rail

Essentially, you sign up, get sent surveys to complete (if you qualified), and then get points! Even if you don’t qualified you still get some pity points. It rakes up and the surveys give an adequate amount of points.


If you use Petro Points, then Optimity is a good way to add some extra points. This is an app where you get rewarded for completing quizzes in regards to health and finance. You also get rewarded when you complete a certain number of steps, it’s better if you have a friend to help!

You can also use my invite code lucy04108 if you would like!

Personal: dciman32.dll problem

As your computer gets older, it gets more problems. Perhaps it’s planned obsolescence, or I’m not a very good caretaker either way. I recently had a problem with my dciman32.dll being deleted, and I thought others might have had the same problem. So I decided to share my experience.

The Problem
My computer was shut down improperly, and the computer was rebooted. I did a CHKDSK scan as was recommended. I did it, and the following happens:

CHKDSK is verifying indexes

dciman32.dll in index SI30 of file 2233 is deleted

After it finished and I was able to access my computer. The first thing to pop up was a message telling dciman21.dll was deleted, and I should reinstall it to fix the problem. I was confused as the computer itself automatically deleted the file.


Anyway, It turns out I needed this file to run programs that relied heavily on graphics. I couldn’t open Adobe After Effects and was frustrated. After googling and trying some failed methods, I finally find the solution to my specific particular problem.

The Solution
It turns out all I needed to do was run a System File Check. It would be best to go to the start menu>command prompt> right click and run as administrator. Or the command prompt can be found in the accessories folder in the start menu.


At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

sfc /scannow
Do not close this let it run. It will fixed the corrupted file problem.
And that was it for me. Check out the following link by microsoft that better explains the process of system check here:

Failed Methods

I tried some other methods that did not fix the problem and wasted my time. I tried these methods first because it was low risk, but so is the system scan. It was the following:

1. System Restore: I restored it to an earlier point did not fix the problem. I went to an even earlier point. Still the same pop-up message.
2. Updates: Perhaps, it was missing some updates. Nope, it wasn’t that.

I hope that was some help to you! REMINDER This was just for my specific situation and problem, there are other variations of the deleted dciman32.dll problem, and this method may not work for you. I wish you good luck, though, in finding a solution!