My Top 5 Favorite Marketing Campaigns

I’m in awe of marketers’ and other creative people’s imagination and creativity. I could only aspire and hope one day I dream of a memorable campaign like these. These campaigns have become part of pop culture, and no one can argue their impact.

Got Milk? Campaign

An iconic campaign, if there has ever been one. In the 1990s, the California Milk Processor Board looked for a new campaign to boost milk sales. They partnered with advertising firm Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

The famous slogan “Got Milk” was to encapsulate the emotional connection people had to milk when it was missing through their research. The campaign dominated the public consciousness due to its’ celebrity power, wholesome product, and simplicity. You know that you have a viral marketing campaign when people parodied it, made art, and copied it.

Decades later, it still attracts top stars in their campaign, and it is seen as an honour and a way for stars to confirm that they’ve ‘made it. It is still the most recognizable campaign for not a specific brand, but a whole single product is fantastic and hasn’t been seen since. The last time the Got Milk campaign ran was in 2014.

Bell’s Let’s Talk

Although controversial in its’ own right. There is no dispute about how viral this campaign was in Canada. “Let’s Talk?” Started in 2011, it was a first of its kind to bring mental health to the mainstream. Often, companies talk about mental health in the footnotes of their websites, but never as a crucial part of its’ identity.

The campaign was created to create a more stigma-free Canada and drive action in mental health care, research, etc. Its virality was, in large part, the conversation they started on social media. It became a yearly event that companies and individuals participated in.

Budweiser’s I AM CANADIAN

As you can tell, I’m a true Canadian girl at heart. I love this campaign even when I don’t drink beer. When this commercial dropped, it resonated with so many Canadians. The infamous “rant” truly put into words the nuances of what it means to be Canadians who are too often mistaken for Americans. To insult Canadians to confuse them with Americans or, worse, say they are just like Americans.

Budweiser played up its Canadian heritage and became the choice beer in Canada. This commercial itself has been parodied, copied, and shared many times.

Dove’s Real Campaign

The decades of curated, photoshopped, stylized images of models in our mass media have skewed many young females’ images of beauty. There is no question about it—the lack of average-looking people has impacted our self-esteem, self-image, and self-love. Dove flipped the script and focused on bringing this issue to light, featuring in their ADs people you would see every day, not dolled up or photoshopped. It was refreshing and unique for its time.

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches are one of my favourite concepts from this campaign. It had participants describe themselves to a sketch artist. They would describe themselves in unflattering terms. Then they got a stranger to describe them, and it was a different sketch altogether. It was a vulnerable, raw piece that many connected with and immediately understood.

Of course, it has been parodied, copied, and emulated. It sparked other mainstream brands to move towards using more realistic models that reflect their everyday consumers.

Nike’s Just Do it

Iconic, this campaign is simply that. One of the few campaigns I’ve seen motivated people’s actions other than buying or elevating a brand. This campaign inspired people to “Just Do It.” I remember a story where a man was contemplating if he should propose. He saw the AD and took it as a sign to do it. Very few companies can make that claim.

It started in 1988 and has reportedly contributed to an increase of 18% to 43%. That’s amazing. Created by Widen + Kennedy, Nike and the Design company still get letters, emails, and calls about the impact this tagline had on their lives. No matter their age, gender, appearance, or any other difference. This campaign holds a special place in people’s minds.

What do all these campaigns have in common? I believe the main reason for their success and staying power in the public collective is because it focuses on a shared emotion/feeling. It found common ground that a massive swath of people can relate to.

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NFL, TV, and Superbowl. How Engaging their audience lead to innovation

There have been companies who have made engagement their number one priority. The NFL is an excellent example. The lifeblood of the NFL was and is always the fans, and they live by that. In the 1940s, when TVs became mainstream, the NFL quickly followed with pro football games.

Televised games were a significant driver of the NFL’s popularity and profitability. Alongside it came fans who demanded a better-televised game experience. The NFL poured money into innovation for broadcast. In the 1960s, “Instant Replay” was first added to make the game more entertaining, add highlights and help explain the game better to the audience.

You can also see the past. The televised games did not have scores, timeouts, line of scrimmage, and other important information at the bottom of the screen. Later, these innovations were added in the 1970s alongside colour TV, better cameras, and graphics which helped draw in new fans and engage current fans to be more involved in the game.

This all happened because they listened to the fans. They wanted them to engage better with what was happening to persuade viewers further to tune into televised football games. Can you imagine watching a game like the one on the left? No, you would demand it to look like it on the right.

The NFL continues to innovate in ways to elevate interaction with its audience. Recently they are experimenting with augmented reality to help kids learn how the game works without having it interfere with the viewing of regular audiences. This is genius, as they cultivate a new generation of viewers and help soften the image of the NFL to be more friendly. You can see a bit of that below.

The NFL is a prime case study of holding up engagement as one of the core pillars of its strategy. Building around that is vital for the growth of their business, especially considering their product is their audience. It’s obvious here, but other businesses can do the same, even if it isn’t as clear-cut as the NFL.

Innovating engagement should never stop. Even if it doesn’t work out! The key is to innovate on a small scale than ramp up when you see positive results. It’s a tricky balance, but it is never a bad strategy.

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5 Art Competition Shows to Binge

I love art in all its various forms. Here are some shows where the adrenaline gets high and the art surprises. Here are my top five shows in no particular order.

Ink Master

Tattooing is highly challenging. You cannot erase and fix your mistakes quickly. You are working on a human being which brings extra challenges. I love this show because of the different styles, ideas, and challenges brought to the show. It’s creative, and they tend to focus more on the tattoo than on the drama, although there are some.

Portrait Artist of the Year

In this show, artists have to do a live portrait painting. I can’t imagine the pressure of having people watch your every stroke! There is also a time limit which is even more stressful. The artists are quite the champs! I enjoy watching their process.

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge

Sandi Toksvig and miniatures are something I didn’t know I needed in my life. Seeing miniatures being appreciated and the creation process is magical! There is nothing like this show, and it’s original!

School of Chocolate

Hosted by the amazing Amaury Guichon. He challenges pastry chefs to up their artistic and culinary skills. Renowned for making beautiful art out of chocolate, it’s incredible to watch.

Good with Wood/Handmade

It is humbling to see other art forms and know that there is still so much more to see. Woodworking is one of these. I love seeing people who are experts just do their thing. Also, it’s hosted by the lovely Mel Giedroyc!

Honourable mention goes to…

America’s Got Talent.

I would binge the art talent on youtube. It’s fantastic to see this mixture of entertainment, performance and art. It turns people’s perception that art is boring.

How to restore old photos in Adobe Photoshop

Technology today allows us to do some fantastic and heart-warming acts of service. One of these is the ability to restore old photos. Photoshop is one of the standard tools many use to do this. Here are some of the tools you can use within photoshop.

Clone tool and Content-aware Fill

The Clone tool has been around forever. It is a brush that copies one area and allows you to paste it. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it.

1. Click the clone icon on the menu or click “S” on your keyboard.

2. Hover over the section you want to copy and then left-click. Then hover over the part you want to fill with what you copy with the clone brush.

The content-aware tool is relatively new. Photoshop will attempt to read the file and fill it as best as possible through AI. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it.

1. Select the area you want to fill in. This can be done through the lasso tool, pen or polygon selection tool. Make sure you are close as possible you can.

2. You can go to the top menu, Edit > Content-Aware Fill, or you can click Fill. Either way, you will see the content-aware options.

You will see this one in the full content-aware fill menu. You can choose the sampling area you wish. Auto, the computer will calculate. Rectangular will look at just the rectangle, and custom is when you can specify the reference part.

You will see this if you click edit > Fill. A shortcut to reach here is “Shift + F5”. This is a simplified menu of the above. Click Okay, and the computer will automatically calculate the reference image and fill in the gaps. Photoshop does a pretty good job.

You can see here it filled it.

Using the paint tool

Sometimes the most straightforward tool is needed. Using the brush, you can paint areas. Here’s a quick guide on how to paint.

Taking body parts from other photos

There are times when the photo is degraded to the point that body parts aren’t seen. A fix is to grab the body part from another photo and use that piece. The tricky part is getting the toning and colour grading right to make it look like it was part of the picture. Here’s a quick guide on one way.

1. Cut out the body part you want and place it within the photo.

2. The added body part should be the top layer.

3. Go to menu “Image > Adjustments > Match color.”

4. In the Match color panel. In the Image Statistics section. The Source should be the body part. The Layer should be the background or what you are matching it to.

The luminance is how bright you want it to be, color intensity is the saturation, and fade is similar to opacity. Fiddle with the options to see how it looks. And that’s it!

Also, adding noise to the picture will merge it better into the picture. You can do this by going to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Fiddle around. The lower the number, the better. Just a little bit helps.

Happy Creating!

How To Up Your LinkedIn Game? 2022

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find jobs. Recruiters often go on to search and find candidates. Here are some ways to make your profile stand out.

Your Job Title

This one is obvious. Recruiters will be looking for specific job titles. Your title may be close but not close enough. Try to negotiate by adding a word to improve your findability—words such as Senior and Digital. The list goes on, but the more you can add to it to make it specific will help. If you have no idea what title you should have, you can look through the LinkedIn Jobs section, find similar people, or even ask people around you. Another resource is Payscale Career Path Planner, which helps you know the next step and job title. Then you know what to ask for in your next job.

Featured Works

If you have a portfolio, won awards, or as part of a high-profile project. Post about it and then feature that post. It gives the recruiter a quick way to see your best hits. Don’t worry if you don’t! Here are some ideas for marketing and graphic portfolio if you have nothing.

Name pronunciation

LinkedIn has a feature where you can do an audio recording on the pronunciation of your name. It helps recruiters pronounce it correctly. It also gives you personality and helps put a voice in the photo. Bonus, you can also add your pronouns if you feel like it.

Join Groups/Interest

LinkedIn will put “You are both in the same group” or similar—giving something different to our account when recruiters look through search results.

Change your Banner

Add some personality to your account. You can quickly get custom banners at and search for LinkedIn Banner. I would advise getting one with more imagery on the right side as your profile circle is on the right. Please stay away from people in your banner. Let it focus on words, imagery, awards, or the like to help you stand out.

Happy creating! Good Luck with your career growth and development.

Free Options for Graphic Design online

Sometimes all you need is a simple program to edit, and you don’t need anything heavy-duty. Here are some free, easy online options where you don’t have to download anything. You need an account, and you can start creating!


Although it is known for UX design, it is also handy for simple graphic design. There are a ton of tutorials out there, and you can pick them up quickly. I enjoy using it with my team to create work for clients as they can view and add notes. Best of all they have additional plugins that allow you to customize your canvas.


Suppose you want to get into digital painting, more advanced graphic design and manipulation. GIMP is the choice. There are also lots of tutorials too.


If social media is your Jam, then I highly suggest Canva. It has tons of free premade templates, and it also allows us to do animation! It takes out the stress of figuring out a design for social media. It has saved me time, even if you want to do simple graphic design such as adding text, cropping images, etc. Canva can do it.


It is best known for photo editing, animation, and design, and it is a great tool. I would say it is closer to GIMP. They are also have premade templates, and you can even try premium for free. This program does well in a pinch.

Happy Creating!

Review Sites To Consider For Your Agency

Part of your SEO strategy or marketing strategy, in general, is to increase your company’s positive reputation. One avenue that we all know is reviews. Studies have shown 91 percent of customers read online in their decision-making process. Another surprising statistic is 84 percent of consumers trust more or equal if a recommendation came from friends and family. Bottom-line reviews are essential.

Many are familiar with Yelp and Google Business for reviews, but here are other review sites you should consider.

G2 is a peer-to-peer review site. What’s also great is they give incentives to those who post reviews. So if you have extensive experience with an agency or a program, you can post it here. They have a broad umbrella of businesses.


Capterra focuses on technology vendors within the software industry. They get peer reviews from individuals just like G2 and add additional research. They are also based in Canada!


They focus on business technology reviews from individual users. They connect buyers and vendors just like the other two.

In general, these are all free and do not cost money to get a review from them. These are widely regarded highly in the business communities, and many post their ratings on their websites as proof of quality. Reviews also help with SEO in ranking.

Suppose I had to choose which one is first, second and third. Frist would be G2, then Capterra, finally TrustRadius. They are all amazing, in my opinion!

How To Make Your Stroke’s Corner Not Sharp

Sometimes when you are making your outline, you can sharp corners. To change it to make it more rounded is simple!

  1. Select your path with the sharp corner.

2. Go to the stroke panel by clicking Windows > Stroke, or go to the menu bar at the top and find stroke. Click the second option in the corner section.

3. That’s it! It is now rounded instead of sharp.

Happy Creating.

How To Create an Infographic

Infographics are one of the richest pieces of content out there. It is informative and is more easily digestible to the reader. Here is a simple guide to creating one.

Choose a topic

Some suggestions for topics are:

  • Statistics on a problem and how to solve it
  • Historical
  • Categorization
  • and more!

Gather actual stats

This can be found in various places, such as google scholar, other reputable sites, and universities.

Layout the information in a logical order

The purpose of an infographic and much visual content is to tell a story. Storyboard it out and see where the stats fit into it. It should flow in a natural order.

Create a draft

Time to design the infographic! Gather any illustrations you need, and this is the fun part.


Gather feedback and make the adjustments.


Let the world see your infographic. You can post them via social media, use them in your portfolio, or whatever else is appropriate.

Here are some inspirations from Lemonly, a company specializing in designing infographics.

Happy Creating!

Reddit Subreddits Artists Should Be Aware Of

Reddit is a fantastic place. It has something for everyone. Without further ado, here are recommendations for subreddits I think artists should be aware of.

Crappy Design

This one subreddit honestly makes me laugh when I have a terrible day. Not everyone hires a designer, and we get some pretty funny moments. I suggest checking the top of all time for the top-rated laughs.


Suppose you can’t think of what to draw visit SketchDaily. They give daily prompts, and it’s incredible what people think of on the fly.

I Can Draw That

You can visit this subreddit if you feel charitable with your time and are in a giving mood. Here you can fulfill the requests of Redditors.


This one is pretty much on the nose. Art is posted here daily, and they are amazing. I go here to get inspiration.


For the DIYers of the world! I love seeing people creating amazing things.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a worthwhile subreddit to look into if you are starting in it.

Low Poly

3D is everywhere, and low poly is one of the most popular styles! It has a charm that I can’t explain.

Imaginary Slice of Life

People love art because it can ‘paint’ a picture of a moment from this reality or imaginary!

Art Fundamentals

Get started in art if you are a beginner!


Fandoms spark people’s creativity! See alternative styles of your favourite tv shows, movies, comics, etc.!

How to add Zoom ICS in Hubspot Email

There are always finicky things about using other different platforms together. Zoom and Hubspot are one of them. Despite putting the zoom URL link into Hubspot, I had the problem that it didn’t download the ICS immediately. Instead, it sends them to the Zoom page to create a login or sign in. Then they can download it.

This isn’t the worst way to go about it, but it isn’t the most intuitive and friendly user experience. There is an alternate way to have the ICS calendar link in your email.

Step 1: Download the ICS link yourself.

Step 2: Upload to Hubspot by going to Marketing > Files and Template > Files

Step 3: Hover over the file click details. It will open up in a new pop-up. Then click Copy URL.

Step 4: Go to your email and insert the link via a button or a regular text link.

Test the email. It should now download automatically, and they can add the ICS calendar to their teams or outlook.

On another note, you can download zoom integration that gives other functions in the Hubspot marketplace.

Happy Creating!

How to Edit, Compress, Convert, Sign a PDF without Adobe Acrobat

You have a PDF and want to manipulate it but don’t Adobe Acrobat. It’s pricey, and it seems not worth it if you don’t have Adobe Creative Suite. No fear! Here are my two online recommendations!

This site is fantastic. The only limitation is you can do two tasks a day. Other than that, it’s free and easy to use. Here is the list of the functions available. Visit the site

My second recommendation! They also have processing limitations like Smallpdf. Other than that, it is also free and comes with basically these same functions. So if you hit your limit on smallpdf, go to Here are their capabilities.

Let me know if there are other free options out there. Happy creating!