5 Examples of Personalization in Marketing

As technology gets better, tracking a user has become more accessible. Companies can now gather an insane amount of data to tailor the user experience. Here are five of my favourite examples of personalization.

Spotify Wrapped

Each year Spotify creates a customized slideshow for users to see unique stats about their usage on Spotify. From their most listen to artists to their top genres. It has become event users look forward to. Users can also share their unique taste in music and celebrate their time on Spotify. It gives another reason for users to stick with their platform.

TikTok Algorithm

TikTok is the newest social media platform on the block. What sets them apart is their ‘algorithm,’ which has been said to be scarily accurate. They have a section called the “For you” page where TikTok will show you videos they believe you will like or find interested in. The more you interact with TikTok, the better it gets. Their personalization has shot them to one of the biggest social media platforms. It has become addicting when you see content that is catered to you.

Reply all even did a podcast episode on this topic: https://gimletmedia.com/shows/reply-all/z3h78d6

They discussed how Tik Tok showed the guest a video with a specific body anomaly she had. How does Tik Tok even know this?

Coke Name on Bottles

One of the most successful campaigns Coca-Cola has ever run was “Share a Coke.” They printed numerous names on Cokes, and people scrambled to find theirs or others they knew. They cleaned out shelves, and Coke even had a custom machine to print a lesser well-known name. The campaign increased sales across all age groups, and the social media chatter was terrific.

Netflix’s Thumbnails

It’s no secret that Netflix tracks its customers’ usage to recommend shows they may like. Netflix takes it a step further by customizing the thumbnails of shows to appeal to users based on the types of shows they like. Vox did a great piece on this!

Nike’s Custom Shoes

Nike stays on the cutting edge of technology by offering customized shoes designed by its users. Not many shoe companies can boast this capability. Allowing customers to choose how their shoes look gives them the sense that Nike cares about their individuality and wants to celebrate it. More companies are jumping on this trend of personalization and customization.