Tag: Building Materials

  • Roofing Trims 3D Installations

    Roofing Trims 3D Installations

    I created custom illustrations for Roofing trims. These are custom trims and there were no photos or similar products to use. The illustrations were used in the Roofing brochure. Year2020 Programs Used:Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop Link:Website →

  • Clips Visualisation Rendering

    Clips Visualisation Rendering

    Creating 3d models to showcase the usage of the Bailey Metal Products’ clip in construction. Collaborating with the Product Manager to develop the concept and fine-tune the 3d model. The graphic was used in educational pieces for both customers and employees. This was a set of 4 visualizations. Year2021 Programs Used:Cinema4d Link:Website →

  • Sound Clip Installation Video

    Sound Clip Installation Video

    I created an installation video for Bailey Sound Clip. The Clip reduces the transmission of Sound. Showing the steps of installation and benefits was the main goal of the project. The video was well-received by internal and external stakeholders. Year2021 Programs Used:Cinema4d & After Effects Link:Website →

  • TrueDeck Installation Video

    TrueDeck Installation Video

    I was tasked to create an installation video for a steel deck framing system. Working with the product manager to storyboard the steps and verify instructions. Year2020 Programs Used:Cinema4d & After Effects Link:Website →

  • Special Sections Banner

    Special Sections Banner

    The Special Sections product line at Bailey Metal Products was languishing and needed to be revitalized. Working with the new Product Manager for Special Sections, we decided to drive home a singular value proposition that is the most salient for the product line/service. The company wanted to emphasize its ability to make different shapes out…