3D: Mine Shaft

This was the first time I attempted to create a full scene. It was quite fun with many different effects and elements. It was quite the learning process.

3D: Bent Tab

Programs: Cinema4d, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign

Bailey Metal Products had created a new innovative product. The Bent Tab Stud is upgraded from Steel Studs using steel framing both interior and exterior building.

I created the 3D asset of the Bent Tab Stud to be used in various capacities from technical reports, brochures and Ads. The aim was to focus on simplicity and the stud itself. This was achieved using a black background to focus the attention on the Stud.

3D: Onion

Made with Cinema4d, I absolutely love the program. It’s a great program to use to start creating 3D assets. I created this onion as part of a 3D Subreddit, where they encourage users to create to their heart content.