5 Ideas To Get Out Of An Art Block

Just like writers, I’m sure many of you experience art block. I know I do! 

So, I’ve got five ideas for you!

1. Art challenges

There are so many art challenges out there and many that are monthly. Here are the ones that are off the top of my head. 

  • January there is creaturay, where every day you draw mythical creatures on a quick list.
  • May: There is Mermay, where every day you draw a mermaid.
  • October is the month of Inktober. One of the most famous art months. You are a challenge to draw only in ink on various spooky themes.
  • November is there is a challenge called Huevember where you draw in only one colour.
  • On Instagram, visit the #drawthisinyourstylechallenge. You will see posts where you re-create an artist’s artwork in your style.

There are so many challenges, and there are so many prompt lists. You can find one you like.

Head to Instagram to find those challenges!

2. Reddit

I love Reddit, and there is something for everyone. The subreddits I recommend are “Sketch Daily,” where every day there is a prompt for you. Another subreddit is I can draw that. A lot of people are requesting free art, so if you are feeling generous, you can try that.

3. Write down your ideas as they come

I keep a google sheet on my drive with all my art ideas. I just type it in when the inspiration hits and type it in. Use any applications, notes, lists to write it out.

4. Fanart

I fangirl over so many people, shows, and movies. Pay homage!

5. Art Contests 

Google is your friend here! Search for contests that are local to you or even global. There are often specific parameters, themes, etc., that will push you and get you to inspire. Even if you don’t win, you are still a winner in my eyes.

An additional idea, but just Go out! Of course, if you are a hermit, this won’t work for you. When I go out, I get inspired.