5 Tips How to Find Your Art Style

I know it is a struggle to find your art style or style in general. Here are five tips on how to find your art style that I have used myself. 

1. Learn

I know learning can sometimes drag, but it’s honestly the best thing you can do for yourself. You cannot define what your style is without learning what types there are out there. There are many terms, history, and examples you can narrow down, such as Impressionism, abstract, realism, etc. It will help you find the words for your style accurately. 

2. Curate

We live in a great time with the many applications we use. If you use Instagram, Pinterest, or have a computer. You can start curating your style. Start saving pictures, and soon a trend will emerge. You will see what visually attracts you, and that will inform your style.

3. Museums 

Museums are a great resource many others should take advantage of. Museums have so many artworks that you can get up close and personal with other artists’ work. You can find great examples of different styles, and the curators there will help you along your journey.

4. Try them out!

If you have the resources to do so, try them out and try out different mediums too! Start creating in the style that excites you, makes you curious, and you will soon be able to tell what you like working with and what you don’t. It is great to experience it firsthand to be indeed able to feel what brings you joy.

5. Talk to others

 If you can, talk to those around you! Others may see what you don’t see. Ask them to help define your style, give you ideas, and in general, motivate you too. 

Good luck on your art journey!