Anyone Can Do Art

Anyone can do art! There I said it. I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that anyone can do art. Let me explain. 

Art comes in many different forms.

Art is not just fine art. They are mainly thinking of painting, drawing, digital painting/art, and the like. When people think about that narrow field, they immediately think I can’t do art. Nope! Art runs a whole gamut of areas. It is not just fine art like I said. 

Art takes many different forms. From sculpting, design clothes, dancing, music, writing, film, and more! These creative endeavours are all forms of art. If it moves you, makes you feel, inspires you. It’s art. 

So, go out there and find an area of art that attracts you and inspires you. 

There is no innate talent, just practice.

You will often hear the sentiment that it is an inborn talent. I would argue against that. Practice, targeted learning, and time are what make one talented. Just search the tag #10yearchallenge, and you can see the difference in people’s level of skill.  

Of course, you won’t be perfect right away, but you can become decent with time! You know that line. I think it goes like 1 percent talent and 99 perspiration? Or something like that. It’s hyperbolic, but talent does take hard work. Be a genius of hard work. 

There are, of course, exceptions. A few people do have an innate sense, but many people aren’t born with talent. They develop skills. 

Art is subjective

What one considers art, there will be someone else who will feel the opposite. You can do whatever your heart desires. You are not restricted to a narrow view of art. And that is what is so special about arts, being your genuine self and loving what you are creating. 

Whatever else people think, it ultimately doesn’t matter. If it’s an art to you, it’s art. 

Art doesn’t have to be serious.

You can start small. Art can be done in the comfort of your own home, you can do it as a hobby, and it grows as you grow. Art is inclusive of everyone and every skill level. So, don’t ever feel intimidated! The art community is so encouraging! 

Relatively inexpensive

Art is one of the most accessible skills. It is a low cost to get started. You can start with a pencil and a piece of paper. You can start sewing with a single scrap of fabric, dance right in your own home, take pictures with your smartphone, and more. You can choose, one day or day one. Start now! You are never too old to learn a new skill and be creative.

I hope this inspires you to go out there and make art. I’m rooting for you.