Mori Building Digital Art Museum

I went to Japan, and I visited the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless in Tokyo. I highly recommend it if you plan on going to Tokyo to make this place one of your stops.

It is a digital art museum that has interactive components. It was amazing to experience. The museum was a massive 10,000 square meter space with 520 computers and 470 projects. With that much work and effort, they have truly made it a unique sensory experience.

The art was dynamic, it is changing, and they also even vary it by season! Like this year, they are doing cherry blossoms for their forest of resonating lamps area. The lamps are pink during that season. I wish it were pink when I was there back in October.

The art moves from one room to another, and it’s a great place to go for pictures, which is encouraged.

There is a space for kids too! There was this section where I coloured my artwork, and it appeared on the screen. It’s blowing what they can do with technology.

Honestly, I spent three hours there with my friends, and I know I could have spent three more hours there.

It’s a must-see museum for art lovers, and you must go if you are in Tokyo in the future!

You can book your ticket in advance on their website. I recommend looking through the website to pick out what exhibitions you want to see.