5 Unique Marketing Tactics For Manufacturers

There are many tried and true tactics and tools that we all know, but it’s sometimes difficult to know all the marketing tactics that exist out there. Here are five unique marketing tactics that you may not have heard of before for manufacturers. Channel Incentive Programs

Channel Incentive Programs

70% of sales are indirect (McBain, 2019). A lot of manufacturers reply on channel sales, and channel incentive programs are an application to help manage, disburse incentives, train and educate and more. It does depend on the vendor. Why I advocate for implementing a channel incentive program, is because it’s a way to create a branded channel sales rep program. It gives that extra edge for a sales rep to sell your product over anyone else.

Major examples are

  • HP’s Blue Carpet – Link
  • HPE’s Engage & Grow – Link
  • Microsoft – Link
  • Etc

A vendor I recommend is ChannelAssist https://www.channelassist.com/. They created the award-winning HP Gem club program.

Host your own awards

Winning awards is difficult on your own, so why not create one yourself? Become an advocate for your industry’s best and celebrate them. Many companies created yearly awards that have become a staple. It helps create backlinks, generates good PR, and increases your perceived expertise.

An example is CSSBI’s Annual photography award, the RedDot Award, etc.

Get featured on Podcasts

We are in the golden age of Podcasts. Studies have shown people are listening to them more than ever! They listen on their drive, doing chores, shower etc. There is a podcast for everything. Look into getting featured on some. Even if you can’t find industry-specific ones, you can find adjacent podcasts such as sales, marketing, and more! It’s a fun way to market your product if the podcasts allow it, you generate good PR and backlinks. A win-win.

If you can’t get featured, look into being a sponsor, it’s definitely a booming marketing tactic. Blue apron anyone?


Similar to podcasts, this is a way to generate content and get backlinks. Find interesting people in your industry and interview them! Usually, you would focus on one topic and explore it. The difference between podcasts, is you have a live audience who can chime in and ask questions. This gives an opportunity to engage and learn. It’s also fun!

ROI or Assesement Tools

This one requires a lot of work, but it is well worth it. Especially, if your product its complex. We are all familiar with them as consumers, such as insurance quotes, calculators, personality quizzes, etc. The goal is to tell the prospect what they are missing out, or need. Which is of course revenue, and your product.

Examples are of amazing tools are:

Hope these ideas helped and never stop experimenting!