5 Webinar Ideas

Webinars have seen an explosion over the past decade. Webinars have benefited the audience by providing useful information and topics for them. While for organizations webinars they drive traffic, leads, and established thought leadership. We are all familiar with the standard format. A featured speaker will talk at length about or topic, usually with a host or by themselves.

I absolutely love them, but from time to time you want to spice it up. Here are five webinar ideas to try.


Can’t think of a topic? Solicit it from your future audience and followers. Let them tell you what they want to learn about. If you are an expert or know an expert, the best thing they love is answering questions about their industry or specialty. As a bonus is you can get future content too.


Make it fun! You can do two in one. Trivia is huge. From bar trivia to Jeopardy. People love to flex their knowledge. Run a Trivia, where you have your audience compete for the correct answer. After each question go in a bit in-depth about that specific question. Kahoot is a great resource to run your Webinar-Trivia hybrid.

Google Autocomplete interview

Take a well known idea and put your own twist on it. I’m sure some of you have seen the Google Autocomplete interviews. You can do one for your industry or speciality. You can make into a standalone video or into a webinar where you interact with the audience and go in depth. Google already knows what people want, so give it them! See below for an example.

Reacting to Movies and TV Shows

If you are lucky to be in an industry where Hollywood has made movies or TV shows about you can do reaction or breakdown. It’s fascinating to see what Hollywood gets right and wrong about our favorites. Like before this can be standalone or made into a reaction and webinar hybrid. See the video below for a example.

Debate or Reaching a Middle Ground

Who doesn’t like to see a good debate. If there is a controversy you want to explore with your audience. You can have two experts duke it out on their side, and get input from the audience in form of questions or to deliver the final verdict on who was right/convincing. It will be hard to pull off, but it is certainly worth the try if you have the moxie.