5 Strategies To Increase Points in Google Maps

You already know the standard ways to get points in Google Maps. Here are my favourite ways to earn points.

Take Lots of Pictures: Photos are worth many points; you can take as many photos as possible of a place. Front, Interior, Food, and Deco are the ones I usually hit.

Take Videos: Videos are a secondary visual asset you can provide. Google rewards points for it too! Double up on videos and photos if you can remember.

Have A Template for Reviews: To take the mental load off my mind and help me write reviews faster. I have a mental template I use for restaurants typically. It’s Food, Service, Ambiance (Decor and Vibe), and Accessibility.

You Can Review Any Place: You aren’t limited to restaurants; if Google prompts you to review them, do it. I’ve done subway stations, clinics, stores, etc.   

Create Lists: This one is easy but takes time to get approved. Make lists of anything, like top places for X food and attractions you must visit if you are in X. You get 10 points for each list. 

Answers Questions: This method gave me the most points. There is a glitch where it asks you the same question repeatedly if you go to a place frequently. 

Be active on Google Maps: Use Google Maps regularly, check in to places, and write short reviews or add photos. Being an active user helps to increase your points and builds your profile as a credible source of information.

Participate in Local Guides program: Google’s Local Guides program is a community of people who share their knowledge and experiences about places. You can join the program, and as you contribute more, you can earn points and rewards, including early access to new Google features and free Google Drive storage.

Good luck in levelling up in Google Maps!