Free Options for Graphic Design online

Sometimes all you need is a simple program to edit, and you don’t need anything heavy-duty. Here are some free, easy online options where you don’t have to download anything. You need an account, and you can start creating!


Although it is known for UX design, it is also handy for simple graphic design. There are a ton of tutorials out there, and you can pick them up quickly. I enjoy using it with my team to create work for clients as they can view and add notes. Best of all they have additional plugins that allow you to customize your canvas.


Suppose you want to get into digital painting, more advanced graphic design and manipulation. GIMP is the choice. There are also lots of tutorials too.


If social media is your Jam, then I highly suggest Canva. It has tons of free premade templates, and it also allows us to do animation! It takes out the stress of figuring out a design for social media. It has saved me time, even if you want to do simple graphic design such as adding text, cropping images, etc. Canva can do it.


It is best known for photo editing, animation, and design, and it is a great tool. I would say it is closer to GIMP. They are also have premade templates, and you can even try premium for free. This program does well in a pinch.

Happy Creating!